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Tuxedo of Cherokee Rose was born on April 7, 2004, in the Newburg Home, located in Duluth, Minnesota.
He was a litter mate to 3 other males and only 2 females.

(Tuxedo & Littermates)
Tuxedo is the little black & white
located at the top left of photo
Taken within 1st week of life.
(First Posted to Net)
Prior to 6-1/2 weeks old.
Look! He's got personality!
Oh, soooo cute...
(May 22, 2004)
Another puppy photo...
Look at his pattern!
A perfect match for our family!!!
(May 22, 2002)
Another photo I received that day
I can't wait to get him home
(May 22, 2002)
6-1/2 weeks old.
Makes you want to snuggle up

The photos above were sent Courtesy of Cherokee Rose Shih Tzu.
Thanks Hans & Carrie Newberg!!!

(June 5, 2004)
We met Hans & Carrie Newberg
outside the Fleet Farm Store in Brainerd
It was the half-way point for both parties
We knew Tuxedo had found his forever home
(June 5, 2002)
Our first photo together
He will definitely benefit
our black & white program!!!
(June 5, 2002)
Tuxedo appears to be enjoying
himself in his new home

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