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The following two males we feel not only provide the genetic make-up, but the appearance in body structure, richness in color, excellent pedigree and temperament, to provide you with the best possible puppy for your home. Why do we feel that way? Because we have spent the time, and in both cases... money to research their pedigrees, check out their parents, littermates, and... the reputation of the breeders who either bred them or their forefathers. Thank you for asking, but these boys are our family pets and are not for sale.

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Tuxedo of Cherokee Rose--2004 Black and White. Tuxedo is truly a gem when it comes to being a gentleman. He has been an outstanding sire and his puppies are not only beautiful, they have an excellent disposition and a great pedigree to boot! His markings are absolutely gorgeous! He is the perfect show speciman, and on the lower to middle end of AKC's weight standard. Tuxedo has a smooshie Shih Tzu face, a very-very thick, double, straight haired coat (absolutely no flat iron needed to show) and eyes that say he wants to please. He's got his sire's magnificent flowing gait, and has the cutest half yowl/meow that he'll let out in a huff, (his mom did this, I'm told) especially when you're not paying attention to him or he's bored, but sneak a peek at him and his tail will be going a mile a minute! We normally keep Tuxedo in a short summer coat, but in the winter we let it grow out for added warmth. You just can't imagine our Minnesota winters, and at -40F, we all need to bundle up!

Tuxedo has produced black/whites, gold/whites, and blue/whites(the creamy dilutes & the darker slate/charcoals). He produces all sizes, as well.

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Kimerick's Mi-Shu Jasper--2005 Black and White. Jasper is from Tuxedo and Jamie Lee's very 1st litter together and what an excellent boy he's turning out to be. He has an awesome disposition and a great pedigree, and should produce some really nice babies! He also has gorgeous markings, and is evenly marked just like his sire and dam! He is perfect in every way, and again... on the lower to middle end of AKC's weight standard. Jasper has a short, cobby body, a smooshie Shih Tzu face, and his dad's very-very thick, double coat, as well. His mom's inquisitive eyes shine right through, and they spell "Mischief". and rightly so. Watch him drag out all his toys including everyone else's, then bark for one of us ~humans~ to clean up after him. We are anxious to see his babies, and they should be here by mid-August of 2007. We're expecting Black, Gold and Blue...

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