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While we prefer you pick up your puppy in person, we can also ship your puppy to you.
After checking around on various modes of transport, we have decided on two methods by which we can safely ship your puppy to you. They are as follows:

Pro Pet Transports
Licensed, Bonded & Insured. Pro Pet Transports will pick-up/deliver around the clock, from my house to yours. We are leaving this mode of transportation, with it's fees, etc..., up to the buyer to cover from their end, as we personally have never used this service, and should you need a health certificate, $50.00 to cover that expense needs to be paid to me before the vet trip is made and before your puppy leaves our home. Regardless, I provide food for the trip, a tube of nutrical(or some other high energy supplement to safeguard against hypoglycemia) and your puppy will be provided with bottled water, as per instructions from the shippers.

Northwest Airlines
This is our #1 method of choice(outside personally picking up your pet) and also the airline we prefer, when shipping our puppies to you. In case we need to use another airline for shipping(like Continental, our 2nd choice of air travel), we'll notify you in advance. Price is $250.00 for air flight. This price includes a free crate and health certificate and pays for some of my fuel to get to the airport. Snub-nose animals are not accepted when temperatures are above 75F/24C at any point on the itinerary nor can they fly when the temp drops below 10F. Of course, if you decide to fly with your puppy, he/she may be able to fly with you at any temp. If you're lucky like our female was, your puppy might get to ride the whole trip on the 1st Officer's lap, looking out the cockpit window, with him/her and the captain. Depending on the flight, etc..., some puppies may not get food/water on the flight, unless held over... so be sure to ask when it gets closer to shipping time. You, of course, need to pick up your pup at the Airport on your end. We try to get them as close to you as possible for pickup.

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