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The following mamas have been hand selected in our endeavor to provide you with the best possible puppy for your home. We not only looked for quality in body and color, but excellent pedigree and temperament, and have based our decision in acquiring these females according to their parents, litter mates, and the reputation of their breeders. We'd like to thank you for your compliments, but these gals are our family pets, and not for sale.

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Jamie Lee's Puppy Photos
Jamie Lee's Adult Photos
Jamie Lee Curtis of ShowBiz--2002 Gold & White w/Black Mask & black tipping. Jamie Lee is our oldest female and our #1 gal. She is a lovely bitch and an awesome mama! Her personality is just beautiful and we couldn't have been more pleased in adding her to our home. Although we normally keep her shaved down in the summer months, her hair is allowed to grow during the winter, when it's cooler out. The longer her coat gets with it's black tipping, the more her back hairs will change from a reddish/gold to a cream color(on the same strand of hair). She has very unique, even markings and also has many strands of silver hairs throughout which really show up as her hair gets longer. Jamie Lee has many champions in her background. She is not only within AKC's standards for show weight, she has that much desired short, cobby body, with a smooshie face and has no bug eyes. All of her litter mates have been the same, as were her parents. The photo at left shows Jamie Lee when she was a bit over a year old, and when her coat was at that in-between stage. Here she was patiently waiting while I finished up with horse chores so we could take one of our daily walks. Jamie Lee has produced black & whites, gold & whites, and blue & whites(the creamy dilutes & the darker slate/charcoals).

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Kiku's Puppy Photos

Kiku of Willow Rose--2005 Cream/Silver w/Black Mask, black tipping & white markings. Kiku (which means Chrysanthemum in Japanese), is evenly marked with white, except she is a solid colored bitch. She takes after her mama, as she started out a very dark color and turned a creamy color as she got older. Like both parents, this gal also has that much desired short, cobby body, smooshie face and she doesn't have bug eyes. She is on the lower end of AKC's standard for weight. She's quite a character with her little ducky bark, which has now turned into a half yowl/ducky call in her attempts to get you to look at her, and the neat way she walks with one front foot, then the other front foot, pawing high at the air, strutting her stuff, after grabbing your attention. She just loves to give kisses, and curl into your neck & shoulder. Kiku has produced black & whites, and solid silvers, to date.

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Trinity's Puppy Photos

Thelen's Trinity Cocoa--2005 Liver & White. Trinity is a mostly white gal with dark chocolatey patches. She has the prettiest golden green/brown eyes, but we could be biased too. She also has a gorgeous level bite and we believe, one of the calmest personalities we've ever seen within this breed! She is within AKC's standard for weight, with a thick coat that won't need any straightening. Trinity is very well proportioned, with a nice smooshie shih tzu face and no bug eyes. She is our biggest gal, on the larger end of the weight scale and should produce some real nice family type puppies by August 2007. We know they'll be awesome! With her excess white color, she only adds to our program and for those who like something different, she'll produce puppies with a variety of patterns. Trinity is a real cuddler. She absolutely thrives on attention!

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Lilly's Puppy Photos

Andora's Autumn Lilly--2005 Red & White w/black eye stripes & black tipping. Lilly is our youngest gal and a perfect little lady. In full coat, she is very dark red, with black tipping that only accentuates it's richness and color. Her dark eyes both have a spot of blue in them, and are so pretty. She also has a gorgeous, thick, straight coat and a very sweet personality! She is on the lower end of AKC's standard for weight, and her eventual pups(we're hoping) should arrive in September 2007. We know they'll be gorgeous! Lilly has that much desired short, cobby body, smooshie face with level bite, and she doesn't have bug eyes. This is one heck of a gal and we're so happy to have found her!

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