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      At Kimerick Shih Tzu (pronounced K' mare ick), we are proud to announce that all our furkids have now experienced parenthood, and with much anticipation we are eagerly awaiting future generations of youngens. As always, we'll try to keep you informed as to when we're expecting a litter of puppies so you can possibly pick out a future addition for your family.
      As you browse through our site, please keep in mind that our family is not new to the world of breeding and/or raising family pets. In fact, all of us have grown up with large and small animals for most, if not all of our lives. Eric was raised on this very farm, which used to be a dairy farm with all the farm animals you could imagine possible. Kim grew up in a large city, moved to a small town as a child and had her share of raising, breeding and showing smaller animals. When the two met, they put their knowledge together and now own, raise, show and operate a horse ranch, tractor/machinery business and are hoping to raise Kimerick (Kim & Eric) Shih Tzu puppies, now and then. Together, Eric and Kim have combined over 60 years experience in a variety of animal antics (Eric's 40+, Kim's 20+). Not to mention their children; David and Trina, being young adults now, having their share of responsibility and joy in the family's pets for which they have been around, all their lives.
      As with all past, present and future pets on our homestead, the philosophy we strive for in our shih tzu breeding program is to provide wonderful, loving furbabies to select families in the hopes they have found their forever home, an extention of our own home in fact. Taking that into account, we do our best to ensure they are healthy, have great dispositions and are being bred with the highest possible standards in mind.
      ...and... while the list could go on and on as to our credits, we feel a picture is worth a thousand words, moreso than could ever be described. We hope you will feel the same as you browse our sites...
      So, grab yourself some coffee, or... maybe, a glass of soda. First check the pages on this site. Then click on the "Our Homestead" link. From there you can view our horses, tractors and related farm machinery, Eric's music room and possibly end your viewing at Blue Ribbon Academy, which is where we homeschooled our children for many years.

Contact Information:
Kimerick Shih Tzu
Kim L. Morse
P.O. Box 284
Wadena, Minnesota 56482-0284
218-639-8931(Solicitors Not Welcome!)

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