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Thelen's Trinity Cocoa was born on August 14, 2005, in the Thelen living room, located in Staples, Minnesota.
She was a litter mate to 3 males and 1 other female.

(November 7, 2005)
11 weeks old.
Curling up for a nap.
(November 7, 2005)
11 weeks old.
She'll be a dark chocolate.
(November 7, 2005)
Another puppy photo...
Isn't she adorable?!?!?
(November 7, 2005)
11 weeks old
Personality Plus!!!
(November 7, 2005)
11 weeks old
Just the right amount of color...
(November 7, 2005)
Another photo taken.
...for those who love white.
(November 7, 2005)
Another puppy photo
Hanging out, after a hard day

A special Thank You to Ruth Thelen for such a lovely gal!!!

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