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The cost of acquiring one of our puppies is based on a great number of variables.
We have invested a great deal of time, effort, and money to help ensure that our puppies are of the highest quality in regards to health, temperament, and breed standard.
Our shih tzu come from some of the finest shih tzu breeders in North America and Canada.
Our puppies are carefully observed from birth until they go home with the new owner.
They do not leave our home except for visits with our veterinarian(s).

The following are some of the basic criteria we use in pricing:

Size: The shih tzu standard is 9 to 16 pounds; the potentially smaller, the greater the cost.
While we do not breed for Imperials and Tinies, on occasion, it happens and our base price starts at $500 depending on our observation of a particular pup, before it is claimed by a new family.

Coat: The fullness of the coat, the thicker/richer the coat the more expensive. (show quality) There's no doubt, we breed for this, as well as short cobby bodies.

Color: Some rare colors may command a greater investment.
Our Blacks, Golds, & Reds can start off at a base price of $400, while our blues, silvers, & livers may commend prices of $600 or more.

Symmetry: Multi-colored shih tzu with closer to ideal balance and symmetry cost more. (show quality) We may, in fact, place a solid colored pup (breeder quality) in a higher price bracket, as they have the potential to provide a variety of patterned pups and, overall... they can appear to maintain their cleanliness alot longer.

Bite: The closer to the standard the more expensive. (show quality) This is a nose breed, and in that regards, Shih Tzu are allowed to have crooked or retained puppy teeth, without penalty in the show ring.

Tail Set: The closer to the standard the more expensive. (show quality) Carried well over the back, with no double curls or loops.

Gender: Females MAY be more expensive, all other items being equal.

Purpose:  All pups from the Kimerick Shih Tzu home come with Limited Registration, which means that you may not register pups from your animal with AKC. The only exception to this rule, are the select few who meet our expectations for Full Registration, and of course... from time to time an outside bitch owner advertising her pups on our site, may request all her pups go with "Full Registration Rights", including the Kimerick P.O.L puppy from that given litter, in which instance... we will honor that given right.

It is literally impossible to capture every possible variable that is taken into account for costing; therefore, we use basic guidelines in determining the price of your puppy.
Given the above guidelines, we've set our base price from $400 to $1500, sometimes below... but never above, without fair warning to those who may be placing a deposit. Do not assume a Kimerick pup will be given a new home for $400 (as prices cannot be placed on a pup before it is born) and for the few breeders we let go, the price will be slightly higher, but not exceeding our high end limit, at this time.

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