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Jamie Lee Curtis of ShowBiz was born on July 6, 2002,
in the beautiful O'Connor's Garden Room, located in Fort Worth, Texas.
She was a litter mate to 4 other females and only 1 male.

(first posted on net)
Prior to 6 weeks old.
Named Lisa Marie Presley at birth
We decided to change it.
(August 20, 2002)
About 6-1/2 weeks old.
Isn't she perfectly marked?
Definitely the pick of the litter
(August 20, 2002)
Another puppy photo...
What a beautiful mask,
and absolutely straight legged!!!
(August 20, 2002)
The third photo I received that day
Striped like a tobiano filly
a sable & white color!!!
(August 25, 2002)
7 weeks old.
Look at those beautiful eyes
Isn't she just precious?
(August 31, 2002)
8 weeks old.
I hear she may turn gold and white
I just can't wait to hold her
(August 31, 2002)
Another puppy photo...
and another 1/2 month or so to go
she can't fly unless it's cool!!!

The photos above were sent Courtesy of ShowBiz Shih Tzu. Thanks Pat & Patty O'Connor!!!

(September 21, 2002)
11 weeks old.
Jamie Lee & Me, after her flight
What an ordeal she went through!!!
(September 21, 2002)
Jamie had been nicknamed;
Amelia, The Flying Shih Tzu,
after Amelia Erhart

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