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Taggart's Guarantee and Puppy Application

Along with each "Puppy Kit" given to the new owner, they will receive a health record for their given puppy. This record will include at least, but not limited to; up-to-date vaccination and worming program.

A $100.00 deposit is required to hold your puppy until such date as agreed upon between buyer and seller at the time the deposit is made. Buyer understands and agrees all deposits placed to hold a puppy are nonrefundable.

Puppies are guaranteed to be free of all communicable diseases for a period of 72 hours from the date of sale (or you receive the puppy). Puppies will be vaccinated, dewormed and vet checked at approximately 6 weeks of health. No puppy will leave our place unless it is in good health, to the best of our knowledge. We recommend taking the puppy to your veterinarian for a checkup. If this puppy displays any indication of poor health within these 72 hours, we must be contacted immediately. Failure to do so will cause this guarantee to become null and void. You will be given a health record. Your puppy will come with a 1 year congenital health guarantee. This means your puppy is guaranteed to be free of disabling congenital defects until 1 year of age. Umbilical and inquinal hernias are easily repaired and are not a reason for returning puppy. Breeder/Seller is not responsible for vet bills after the purchase date.

Breeder does not guarantee size, color or breedability.

This guarantee is limited to replacement only - no cash refunds will be made. An exchange puppy of equal value will be provided when available if breeder/seller’s vet confirms buyer’s vet opinion. Breeder will have up to one year to provide a replacement.

Print out this entire page, send along with payment (money order) or pay first through paypal (add 3% extra for fees). We also accept MasterCard, Visa and Discover. Then snail mail this health guarantee and puppy application. You have 5 days from the time we first acknowledge your intent to purchase.


Name of person purchasing a Taggart Shih Tzu pup:

Which pup is this for and it's birthdate(i. e. female black/white # 1, male gold/white # 3, # TR3211102/01, etc...?)

Which are you requesting?
( Full Registration - full breeding rights/showing) or ( Limited Registration - spay/neuter - application certificate/pedigrees held until actual vet statement - not a copy - is submitted to seller, stating puppy has been spayed/neutered )

Who is this pup for (i.e., yourself, another family member, gift?)

Purchase price of pup(s) (please write actual dollar amount of pup, do not deduct the deposit ):

Amount of deposit included with this application by US Money Order, MasterCard, Visa and Discover, or made by Pay Pal. ________
( Add 3% extra if using paypal. Cash is the only other form of payment accepted - no exceptions) Deposit is deducted from total purchase price.

How did you make your deposit and on what date? (circle one) - Pay Pal, Money Order - Date:___________________________________________________________________________________

Your Phone #:

Your Address:

City: State Zip:

E-mail address:

Why have you chosen a pup from Taggart's Shih Tzu?

Do you own your own home or, if renting, have permission to have a dog on the premises?

How many children at home, and their ages?

Does everyone in your family agree to getting this pet?

Who will be responsible for feeding/watering and pottying this pup?

Do you have any other pets? If yes, what kind and their ages (if cats or dogs)?

Do you plan to make this pup a member of your family?

Will your pup be an inside or outside dog?

Your veterinarians name and phone number:

Do you understand that the Taggart's health guarantee does not cover anything that pertains to pregnancy and/or fertility (i.e. problems, litter size, mal-formed pups, etc... ) stemming from your decision to breed this pup at a later date?

Do you understand that we require a non-refundable deposit* of $100.00 payable by Money Order, MasterCard, Visa and Discover, or Pay Pal only - (no personal checks/cashier's checks, etc...) and if you change your mind or find another puppy elsewhere we do not refund your deposit?

Do you understand that we do not guarantee adult size and color?

Do you agree to return the pup (dog) to Taggart's Shih Tzu, at your expense and with no refund, in the event you are unable to keep him/her any longer and are unable to find a suitable home for him/her?

Do you agree not to place this pup/dog in an animal shelter at any time in the future?

Please tell us who will be with the puppy while you are away; for work.

Please tell us a bit about your family including your activities and hobbies. This helps us recommend a puppy for you based on personality evaluations (of the pups!).

Do you understand that you are welcome to contact us at anytime for updates and to discuss your questions and concerns?

Would you need to have this puppy shipped to you? (extra charges apply - please let us know if by van lines or by plane):

I understand that my deposit will be placed in the order it's received for the particular pup as listed above.

I have read and included a signed copy of Taggart's Health Guarantee, plus included a copy of the actual pup's picture for which I am applying for.

Please Print your name:

Please sign your name:

Date you signed contract:

*( In the rare event that a Taggart Shih Tzu pup expires before pick up date, seller/breeder reserves the right to hold your deposit for your choice on the next available pup )

This Taggart Shih Tzu Pup Application was updated 5-2-05, once signed and returned to Kimerick Shih Tzu, a signed copy will be returned to you with Taggart's (the bitch owner's) full name/address, so you can keep up to date on the puppy you have chosen, at any time.

Contact Information:
Kimerick Shih Tzu
Kim L. Morse
P.O. Box 284
Wadena, Minnesota 56482-0284
218-639-8931(Solicitors Not Welcome!)

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