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We're not professionals by any means, but then again, we won't charge you an arm and a leg to build you a website either. Some places will charge $600.00 a month to build and/or maintain a site with just a few pages. Others will tell you upfront that they can do your page for a fairly inexpensive price, only to have you learn about hidden charges, extra costs, so on and so forth, later on. We are very upfront!!! That's the way we want to be treated and that's the way we will treat you. If you aren't a hard boss to please, I think we can get along just fine. If you are very particular or want something very fancy, we may not be able to suit your needs, and you may need to look somewhere else. We are only being honest. We don't want to waste your time with pretending to be able to do something we can't. But if you like what we have produced in the past, then by all means, sit a spell, check out our price list...

~Kimerick Enterprises~


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