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Kimerick Enterprises is just one of many different business opportunities our family is involved with;
Eric's Machinery Sales & Repair, RUMPKUMP RANCH, Rumpkump's Bargain Barn, Blue Ribbon Academy
and Kimerick's Shih Tzu, being the others.

...And, while Eric takes care of the larger financial aspect of the operations as a whole, Kim(his wife), along with the help of their two children; David and Trina, take care of website construction, computer maintainance and some of the grunt work around the farm.

Our computer operation has been around for approx. 6 short years but with all knowledge combined, we have been able to piece together some pretty nice sites, and although we're still small peas in a pod at this point, with your help we can forge on to make our dream of having a home based computer operation a possibility.

So if you haven't done so already, please take a moment or two and browse the sites we've designed.


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