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Kimerick's Koop is just one of many agricultural projects our family has been involved with over the past 17+ years; Eric's Machinery Sales & Repair, RUMPKUMP RANCH, & Kimerick's Shih Tzu, being the others.

Remember the old adage, about this country going back to the Cow, a Sow, and a Plow(or maybe it was the other way around)? Well... it still stands, especially in times of hardship. Although we have only the plow right now(well, actually many of them), if it came right down to it, we'd have enough to barter for quite a few cows and the same for sows. Regardless... when selecting birds for our family, in order to supply us with meat, eggs for the table, and/or some fancy lawn ornaments, we chose the following breeds, paying strict attention to achieving the highest possible quality we could afford and hopefully be able to improve upon, without hindering our program. Likewise, we severely cull throughout the season. If it doesn't meet our criteria at some point, it winds up on our table, whether at home or at our lake resort. At various times throughout the year, we offer eating and/or hatching eggs(mainly the latter), young stock, as well as older birds. At the present time though, we're only shipping fertile eggs for hatching!!! All eggs are GUARANTEED FRESH and gathered no sooner than 3 days prior to transport. Depending on the breed, we also GUARANTEE A HATCH of one chick, or the second order is the cost of shipping. This varies with breed though, so don't assume every egg we offer comes with the same guarantee. Chicks and/or older birds are being sold at live auction and/or can be picked up.

Please be aware, if you plan to pick up, we cannot allow you to go out amongst the birds for bio-security reasons. Rest assured, our birds are pure for their breeds and have been bred that way for many generations. Give our poultry a look. Some are SQ(show quality) and others are Pet Quality birds. Regardless, all are beautiful and well taken care of.

NPIP #41-1002 -- MN Permit #838 -- Premise # 1520 -- Yearly inspections of birds/premise by District Vet -- Due to certain restrictions in some states, we do not ship to every one, nor do we ship to foreign locations.

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