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$1.00 an egg, sold in lots of 3, and sometimes 6.
Shipping is by Priority or Express - your choice. Continental US only - No Foreign shipping.
Some states have certain restrictions which vary yearly, so inquire before sending payment.
We offer a guaranteed hatch of at least one chick from our Americana/Ameraucana when shipped, otherwise a 2nd batch of eggs, for the same amount previously purchased can be shipped for the price of shipping. PLEASE BE HONEST so that we can maintain this guarantee. This guarantee does not apply for eggs picked up locally, nor through any MN auction sale we may have sold eggs through. In this case, the problem is not with the postal system. Since we take extra care in packing only the FRESHEST eggs possible and/or transporting(if through a sale) as well as we can, we assume the problem is on the buyer's end.
FYI - Fertility on our Americana/Ameraucana has been relatively good.

AMERICANA/AMERAUCANA--We've been raising this breed for the same amount of time as our White Rock. We started out like most people, with hatchery stock(hence the name; Americana), but as time went on and we found we couldn't let our favorites go, we started making improvements upon what we had. We're extremely proud of those improvements and now have several trios of birds with small pea combs, full ear muffs, beards, tail, and olive or willow colored legs. The Americana/Ameraucana for us, has been easy going, personable birds that come in an assortment of colors, although we try to gear towards a variety of lighter colored white, wheaten or silver/partridge colored stock. Chicks from us also range in color - soft yellow to the normal chipmunk color you often see in this breed. Egg color is a light sky blue to a pale greenish shade. The Americana/Ameraucana is quite hardy, and mature Roos weigh approx. 5 to 6 pounds, while the hens weigh between 4 and 5 pounds. The photos below show our Roos(our oldest is shown twice, as well as when he was a chick) and our light colored hens which get pretty milky colored once they're in the breeder pens, but rest assured, the whites are pretty white when cleaned up(notice the white roo). The roo on top is currently in a pen with the top two hens and they are our oldest. The roo on the bottom is young blood which we've brought in to cross onto hens(bottom pics) from the older trio. If you want variety within your flock, eggs and/or chicks, stock from this bunch will set you in the right direction.

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