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Plymouth White Rock
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$1.00 an egg, sold in lots of 3, 6 and 12. Towards late summer we sell in lots of 24 and 36, as well.
Shipping is by Priority or Express - your choice. Continental US only - No Foreign shipping.
Some states have certain restrictions which vary yearly, so inquire before sending payment.
We offer a guaranteed hatch of at least one chick from our White Rocks when shipped, otherwise a 2nd batch of eggs, for the same amount previously purchased can be shipped for the price of shipping. PLEASE BE HONEST so that we can maintain this guarantee. This guarantee does not apply for eggs picked up locally, nor through any MN auction sale we may have sold eggs through. In this case, the problem is not with the postal system. Since we take extra care in packing only the FRESHEST eggs possible and/or transporting(if through a sale) as well as we can, we assume the problem is on the buyer's end.
FYI - Fertility on our Plymouth White Rock is extremely high.

PLYMOUTH ROCK - WHITE--This is the number 1 breed we raise here. We've been raising the White Plymouth Rock for several years and they will continue to be a mainstay at our ranch. Our favorites are the white counterparts, as they make an awesome table bird w/out the distraction of dark pin feathers when it comes to serving our family and/or guests at our lake resort. Regardless the color, the Plymouth Rock are known for laying a great amount of large sized eggs(sometimes throughout the coldest of winters) which range between a fleshy, peach color to a darker tinted, tan or light brown color, and sometimes they're speckled with chocolate flecks. Adults are clean-legged, and yellow fleshed. Chicks are active shortly after drying off, and have a tendency to pop like popcorn right out of the hatcher when the lid comes off. They have a soft yellow glow to them. Our birds are friendly, and have been non-aggressive to those who work in and around them. Even the males get along with everyone and each of their fellow feathermates. On occasion we do try and add outside blood, but we also try and stay within the same boundaries to which we apply to our own stock. We cull severely throughout the year, sometimes keeping well deserved birds for life. Regardless the age, they always appear well fleshed. Older birds tend to become full bodied and are great for either stewing, frying, and/or roasters. We've never had one go down on its legs. Roos average 9 to 11 pounds at maturity - Hens; 7 pounds to 9 pounds, around the same time.

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