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Grey Rouen Ducks
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$1.00 an egg, sold in lots of 3, and sometimes 6 or 12.
Shipping is by Priority or Express - your choice. Continental US only - No Foreign shipping.
Some states have certain restrictions which vary yearly, so inquire before sending payment.
We do not offer any guarantees when purchasing Grey Rouen Duck eggs.
FYI - Fertility on our Grey Rouen Ducks has been awesome!

Rouen Ducks--I have to say, this is my favorite breed of duck. The little "call" type ducks tend to be messier, always wanting to get into their drinking water, while these giants are quite content in only drinking from it, although I have to admit, the youngsters do play once in awhile. I've only tried roasted duck once but never a Rouen. I hear it's the best, superior to the Pekin even and less fatty. Rouen eggs though. Now, that... I've tried - YUM!!! The first season I had ducks, I sold the majority of their eggs for hatching, and at times, incubated a few to increase the flock we had. Eventually, the end of that first season found me utilizing the extra few eggs the ducks were still putting out(in October & November, mind you & without heat lamps), into my bakery items. MAN!!! I can understand why they'd be considered a delicacy!!! Talk about moist! YUM, YUM... Once you've tried a duck egg for baking, you most likely will never want to go back to chicken eggs. From that point on, I decided we needed more Rouen in our life and they're just as much a mainstay as the rest of the birds we've come to love and enjoy! To date, I've never tried frying a duck egg, but the way it's going, I'll be using them in baked goods when I can.
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