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Sir Charles (aka Charlie) strayed onto our place in the early spring of 2005, as an 8 month old tom cat. He was at the age when it was estimated he was either kicked out of his home territory (due to the coming of sexual maturity) or was dropped off at our place. Regardless, after only a few days of coaxing, and some meals of cat food, he had adopted us. Unfortunately, he came a bit too soon after we had already lost a cat and we weren't ready for another, so after taming him for 3 weeks, we brought him into the local PAWS (Pets Abandoned Wanting Support) group in a nearby town, where he would be adopted by a loving family and spend the rest of his days as a house kitty. We believed him to be a flame point siamese cross. He was just about the most loveable cat you'd ever meet. He had no pride and there wasn't a place on his body you couldn't touch. Although shy to the camera when he first came, he soon accepted it, as well as kisses and being close to your face (something he was totally terrified at, in the beginning).

(May 5, 2005) (May 5, 2005)
(May 5, 2005) (May 5, 2005)
(May 5, 2005) (May 5, 2005) (May 5, 2005)

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