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Our Cats
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Our plans for these fine felines is to have them registered with the TCA(Traditional Cat Association). They are mixed bred, but even so... they are the love of our lives. All are females and have been altered(spayed) in the sense that none can have babies.

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Red Ranger's Awards
Red Ranger--April 15, 1994. Red Ranger is our oldest cat. Her grandmother was part Persian and her mother was a very pretty calico with longer hair. Red Ranger is a long haired cat. We adopted her and a nestmate; Blossom, in 1994, when they were only 5 weeks old. Thought to be a male kitten when our son; David, named her, proved to be a female once she started getting her baby shots. Red Ranger is a very fragile cat, and yowls when you pick her up or anytime you touch her. She is the boss of all the small critters at home but very friendly towards her human masters, but once put in the cat carrier, she becomes vicious! She's fractious at the vet's place and has been known to bite and scratch Santa. Baaadddd Kitty!!! Red Ranger is almost all black except for a couple white spots on the front of her chest and belly. The photo at left is during a shedding period that Red Ranger goes through every summer. This particular photo was taken prior to 2000 and shows her going through a typical shedding period.

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Mitten's Awards
Musical Mittens For The Polkaman--May 1, 1994. Mittens is Eric's cat. Mittens has thicker, longer hair. She strayed to our place from the neighbor's and was a pretty wild kitty. I(Kim) enticed her with a bit of spaghetti, nabbed her and put her in a shed with the other cat's to tame her down. She is now as gentle as the rest of them and although she used to be pretty shy when younger, she now jumps up on a ledge to get as much attention as she can and quite often, you can hear her purring loudly, even though no one is near her or petting her. Mittens is a shaded gray & white with a beautiful bib and loads of white enveloping her toes and belly. She pretty much stays away from the dogs and puppies.

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Sugar's Awards
Kimericks Sugar Cube--May 20, 1994. Sugar is mom's(Kim) pure white cat. She was born to a white tom and white queen cat. She is a very loveable cat. She has been known to go yowling around the farm in search of her human mistress. Once found, she is liable to jump on her back, walk in a circle, plop herself down and go to sleep. She did this once when mistress was picking beans from the garden. Can you imagine the weight she put on her human mistress' back, doing this? Sugar used to be pretty dominating of anyone who entered the barn. She would jump on their shoulder, lap, or back, depending on what's available. One time a relative was standing around talking, with her arms folded across her chest... you guessed it, Sugar tried jumping, and would've gotten a good landing if the relative wouldn't have jumped back startled! Poooorrrr Sugar!!! When Sugar was about 8 or so, she came down with cancer in her mouth and became very sick. When all was better and she appeared healed, she also seemed to have aged a great deal and now likes to lie around in boxes more. Sugar seems to get along with the puppies great and will even lay with them. We thought at first it was due to her wanting attention from her mistress and just putting up with the puppies because her mistress was spending so much time with them, but who knows. She also puts up with the antics of the older dog we have.

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Candy's Awards
Trinket's Candy Kisses--August 2, 2000. Candy is Trina's cat and is torti-shelled with white, mainly under her belly and up her front, forming a bibbed appearance. She was adopted from our local Humane Society in Wadena, Minnesota, after Trina's first kitty; Blossom(an evenly marked calico) died. Candy has a personality all her own, probably from birthing right at the Humane Society and not getting enough attention or outside human interaction. Nonetheless, she is well loved and provides Trina with loads of kisses and will jump up to a ledge to get that daily petting. Candy is the only cat in the group who tolerates not only the antics of the other cats, but will play fight with the dog as well.