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Below, you will find various listings for dog registries. Each is unique in offering their own special privileges and necessary fees for paperwork involved. It's up to you to decide where you want to register your particular puppy or adult canine. Our parent dogs will be AKC and APRI registered with the possibility of also being CKC(Continental Kennel Club) registered.

American Canine Association - The ACA is America's largest veterinary health tracking canine registry. They offer lifetime lost and found services and also lifetime genetic health tracking of your canine(that has already been registered with another registry). They also have shows.

American Kennel Club - AKC was established in 1884. It is considered the "Grand-daddy Of All American Dog Registries". They are a purebred registry. To be eligible for AKC registration, both of your dog's parents must be AKC registered and the litter your dog comes from must also be AKC litter registered. They also sanction shows all around the US.

American Pet Registry, Inc. - APRI was founded in 1992. Its organization is dedicated to pet lovers, whether they are owners and/or breeders of purebred cats and/or dogs. They do not categorize the terms "show", "standard", or "pet", into different groups, nor do they degrade any animal called a "pet". In other words, "There are millions of "pets" who are also show cats or show dogs and are of show quality". The APRI also holds shows.

Canadian Kennel Club - The CKC(not to be confused with the Continental Kennel Club, which also goes by the initials; CKC) recognizes over 160 dog breeds. They register certain, distinct, purebred dogs, and regulate dog shows and perfomance events, and speak out on major issues concerning dog ownership and the health & welfare of dogs across Canada.

Continental Kennel Club - Founded as an open registry in 1991, they accept purebred and mixed bred dog breeds, also breeds that you have developed yourself from at least 3 closed colonies, to make a breed that is true to type(that will breed back true to form). They believe that the crossing of two different purebred dogs were stronger and healthier than breeding those same purebred parent dogs to their own breed and therefore, they recognize 444 different breeds because of it. They also believe in trying to keep costs down. They do not charge a litter charge like some other registries do. They currently do not hold shows but are working on breed standards to be used at future shows. The CKC website has over 7000+ pages of educational and informative material for visitors to review.

Dog Registry Of America, Inc. - Formerly called the US Kennel Club, Inc., the DRA will register purebred dogs as well as mixed breeds and breeds that you have developed yourself. There is no membership fee or annual due. You either pay to register your dog, your litter, or your kennel name and they never ask for your S.S. Security Number. They hold shows and there is no time limit to register your dog. They also do not require DNA certification.

The Kennel Club - The Kennel Club will register purebred dogs as well as mixed breeds. They register over 200,000 pedigree dogs every year and are based out of the UK.

United Kennel Club - The UKC is the second oldest and second largest all-breed dog registry in the United States. It was established in 1898. Although they have various methods in which to register your dog, they will register purebred dogs and mixed breeds, or breeds that you have developed yourself. They were the first to offer DNA profiling and the first to take an aggressive stand against puppy-mills. They were also the first to publish and enforce the Breeder's Code of Ethics, reserving the right to inspect kennels.

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